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PCC, Inc. offers an Extended Maintenance Plan (referred to as "Plan" thereafter) for TimeTrack customers (referred to as "Customer" thereafter). Please see below the terms of this plan:

  • The PCC Extended Maintenance is an Annual Plan.
  • The Extended Maintenance Plan includes unlimited phone Support, software updates, and software problem resolution pertaining to PCC, Inc. products and services.
  • Under this plan, PCC, Inc. is responsible for timely updating the TimeTrack software and keeping the software in full compliance with CMS regulation changes, additions, or omissions pertaining to Medicare Part A Home Health ONLY.
  • In no circumstances PCC, Inc. support staff under this Plan are responsible nor obligated to support any third party software such as (but not limited to) Windows, Oasis State submission and/or Medicare communication software.
  • The support services under this Plan cover answering questions and any software problem resolution. Important. The phone support service doesn't cover extended training on using the software. Please note that for an additional fee, PCC, Inc. does offer extended training seminars conducted remotely (phone and Internet) or in person. These training seminars are highly recommended to train new or existing employees in your organization on using PCC, Inc. software.
  • The maintenance Plan fee covers support for one User License on one computer. Support for additional site licenses will be covered under a different Extended Maintenance plan. If TimeTrack is installed on a local area network, we do require appointing one contact person who will act as a liaison between the Home Health Agency staff and PCC, Inc. support staff. Not appointing that contact person may result in increase of support fees.
  • Problems or questions can be reported via e-mail to, or fax a Problem Tracking sheet to 310-861-1122, or by phone on 888-715-4440 (extension 2) at any time.
  • Questions or problems reported will be addressed during PCC, Inc. regular business hours.  Phone technical support will be available during PCC, Inc. regular business hours from 8am to 5pm (Central Standard Time) on Monday through Friday, except for government observed holidays
  • PCC., Inc. will respond within one business day from receiving the technical support communication either by phone, fax, or e-mail.
  • In case the customer identified a software problem (PCC, Inc. reserves the right to define what constitutes a software problem), PCC, Inc. will acknowledge the software problem either by e-mail, phone or by fax within one business day.
  • Within a maximum of 5 working days from the date of acknowledging the problem, PCC, Inc. will furnish the customer with a schedule and timing as to when the software problem resolution will be provided.
  • PCC, Inc. will priorities and schedule the software problem resolution updates based on the scope and severity of the problem reported. Scope and severity of problems are determined by PCC, Inc.
  • Software updates can be downloaded from PCC, Inc. website or through e-mail.
  • In the event a customer wishes to reinstate an expired Extended Maintenance Plan, PCC, Inc. will assess an Extended Maintenance reinstatement fee.
  • Under this Plan, Customer is entitled to one free preprinted form alignment such as HCFA-1500 or UB-92 per year. Additional form alignments will be invoiced at the current PCC, Inc. hourly rate.
  • This plan covers supporting the billing requirement for one primary payer. By default PCC, Inc. assumes it is Medicare Part A Billing requirements. Customer may elect a different primary payer. Non primary additional payers special billing requirements can be supported and may be subject to an additional fee depending on the complexity and amount of PCC, Inc. time involvement. PCC, Inc. reserves the right to decide when such additional fees are applicable.
  • PCC, Inc. is responsible for updating and maintaining the online help file which is considered to be the official users manual containing the instructions on using TimeTrack.
  • PCC, Inc. is not responsible under this plan for offering any regulation advice nor any interpretation of rules and laws.

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