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  • System Constants: this screen allows users to enter and maintain the company constants such as name, address, Tax ID Number, payroll and schedule settings, etc.
  • Review Invoice History: this screen allows you to review old invoices (or UB92s) generated from TimeTrack.
  • Remote Office Billing (optional): enables sending and receiving billing and payroll data to & from your Central office and other remote offices.
  • Picklists: this menu allows users to custom build the different Picklists used throughout TimeTrack to enhance data entry efficiency.
  • StatTrack software: this module allows users to print statistical data about patients, such as number of visits and number of patients broken down using different categories, such as age, gender, country, discipline, etc.
  • System Maintenance: this screen allows you to perform periodical maintenance operations on your database to ensure optimum settings.
  • Security: this screen allows you to specify who has access to what part of TimeTrack.
  • Data Integrity Report: an added quality assurance measure designed to spot visit data entry errors.
  • Activity Log: track & monitor quality of data entry by either user id or screen name.


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