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  • Payer Ledger: Track different payers that are going to be billed on an ongoing basis such as: Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance companies, along with their corresponding billing rates and billing codes.
  • Doctor Ledger: Build and maintain key information pertaining to physicians that your agency will be working with on regular basis.
  • Employee Ledger: Track your employees' information including demographics, disciplines, payroll rates, credentials and licenses renewal dates, and scheduling preferences. TimeTrack® generates & prints a tickler report ( Employee Dues Report ) listing all employees that need a renewal of a license and any other time sensitive certification or requirement.
  • Patient Intake, Track your agency's patient referrals, including the referral date, source, and eligibility check results. TimeTrack® also offers you a Referral Report which lists each referral source and their corresponding patients.
  • Patient Ledger: Track admitted patient information, including patient demographics, Start of Care date, Payer information (up to 3 payers), Disciplines (SN, PT, etc.), reminders such as recertification dates, Plan of treatment receipt, team conferences, and supervisory visits.  Using this screen, you can discharge patients & print the Discharge Summary , which is generated automatically.
  • PCC Oasis : Post, maintain, and track the different Oasis surveys. Includes built-in quality assurance measures that comply with the state error-checking system and ensure acceptance of submitted oasis surveys.
  • MD Orders (ChartTrack): Track different disciplines along with corresponding frequencies such as SN 3WK9.  During visit data entry, TimeTrack® uses the prescribed orders entered on this screen to ensure compliance. TimeTrack® offers users the ability to print a Patient Dues (or Outstanding Orders) report which will list patients with outstanding MD Orders.
  • Scheduling: Fully integrated with billing functions to ensure that only eligible services are scheduled.
  • Visits: Users log the different visits as they are performed in the field. TimeTrack® uses entries in this screen to perform the Billing, Payroll, and Reporting tasks.
  • Supplies: This screen allows users to enter, maintain, and track the supplies rendered to patients. Later you can print a report of all supplies rendered.
  • Remittance Advice (optional module): this screen allows users to enter, maintain, and track the Remittance Advice paid against the invoices generated from TimeTrack®. This screen comes as part of the Accounts Receivable module.
  • Service Order (optional module): This screen allows users to enter, maintain, and track the service orders required by specific payers or insurance companies.
  • Episodes: An excellent management tool that shows a snapshot summary of patients' episode information including pay amount, accumulated cost, profit or loss, first and last billable visits dates, HHRG Grouper & HIPPS code, as well as episode type such as LUPA, PEP, Outliers, or SCIC. TimeTrack® Automated PPS module, will automatically manage this screen, without user intervention.


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