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TimeTrack® is a comprehensive software package designed to automate major aspects of Home Health agencies' business operations and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Combined with our PCC Oasis Point of Care system, patient assessments can be completed at the patient's home using a mobile PC device equipped with wireless modem & sent electronically to the office, where the Oasis, 485, and billing are generated instantly.

TimeTrack® utilizes our user-friendly state of the art menu system designed to minimize the learning curve. The Main Menu screen layout is as follows:

  • Data Entry Menu: Track and enter most commonly used account information such as payers, doctors, employees, patients, schedules, visits, etc.

  • Forms Menu: Generate forms HCFA-485, 486, 487, 700 & 701. Rich with built-in pick-lists designed to minimize form preparation time.

  • Reports Menu: TimeTrack® comes rich with many useful and industry required reports, such as Active Patient report, Admitted Patient report, Employee Dues (tickler) report, Patient Dues (tickler) report, Payroll Report and many others.

  • Utilities Menu: Ancillary functionalities are performed here such as Billing, remote office billing, patients' statistical data, and setting user Ids and passwords.



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